Advocating for Biomedical Research: We’ve Done it and So Can You!

Friday, May 10, 2019
10:15 am – 11:45 am
Room 26AB

Advocating for Biomedical Research: We’ve Done it and So Can You!

Sponsored by the AAI Committee on Public Affairs (CPA)


  • David D. Chaplin, Univ. of Alabama at Birmingham, AAI Committee on Public Affairs Chair


  • Wayne M. Yokoyama, Washington Univ. Sch. Of Med. in St. Louis
  • Pamela J. Fink, Univ. of Washington
  • Lisa A. Borghesi, Univ. of Pittsburgh
  • Jason P. Gigley, Univ. of Wyoming
  • Mariana Guerra-Maupome, Iowa State Univ. Col. of Vet. Med.

A 2017 report by the Congressional Management Foundation supports what we at AAI have long believed: that advocacy is important and effective, and that direct interactions between constituents and lawmakers/their staffs are especially influential. Consistent, strong advocacy has played an essential role in persuading Congress to increase the NIH budget by $9 billion over the last four years and to reject a harmful provision that could have significantly increased taxes on graduate students. But how can you, as a working scientist, help ensure that supporting biomedical research, NIH, and the needs of researchers remain top Congressional priorities?
This session will explore key questions like why, how, and when you should advocate for biomedical research. It will also feature a panel of immunologists from various careers stages who have engaged in advocacy in a variety of interesting and unique ways. These researchers will share their experiences and then welcome questions from the audience.