Back to School: A Review of Four Fast-Moving Fields

Thursday, May 9, 2019
2:30 pm – 4:30 pm
Room 33ABC

Back to School: A Review of Four Fast-Moving Fields

Sponsored by the AAI Program Committee


  • David Masopust, Univ. of Minnesota, AAI Program Committee Chair
  • Julie Magarian Blander, Weill Cornell Med. Col. of Cornell Univ.


  • Dennis Burton, Scripps Res. Inst., Super antibodies: the fourth generation
  • Alex Shalek, Massachusetts Inst. of Technol., Cellular heterogeneity in the immune system: turning a bug into a feature with single-cell genomics
  • Joshua Thurman, Univ. of Colorado, The complement system—new tricks for an old dog
  • Catherine Hedrick, La Jolla Inst. for Immunology, Myeloid cells: directors of the tumor immune microenvironment

This workshop intends to bring a broad audience up-to-date on a few emerging or rapidly changing fields or areas of technological innovation. Expert lecturers will provide an overview of each trending topic with an emphasis on communicating big picture concepts.