Careers Roundtable and Speed Networking Session

Friday, May 10, 2019
11:45 am - 2:15 pm
Ballroom 20A

Careers Roundtable and Speed Networking Session

Sponsored by the AAI Minority Affairs Committee (MAC)


  • Robert J. Binder, Univ. of Pittsburgh; AAI Minority Affairs Committee Chair

Networking skills have never been more crucial to ensure success for early/mid-career scientists, including those traditionally under-represented in biomedical research. At the roundtable, take advantage of the opportunity to meet in small-group format with accomplished, senior immunologists to hear how they have handled the career challenges you now face and learn what they believe will work for you today. Then, practice networking in a relaxed environment offering a structured networking exercise and personalized feedback on communicating your scientific interests/objectives most effectively. Scientists and trainees of all backgrounds are encouraged to attend! Registration Fee: $30 (Includes coffee break.)

Discussion topics and table leaders:

Grad Student: finding a mentor, setting sights on postdoc training
  • Table Leaders: Robert J. Binder, Univ. of Pittsburgh; Luis A. Sanchez-Perez, Duke Univ.; Tonya Webb, Univ. of Maryland; Santiago Partida-Sanchez, Ohio State Univ.
Postdoc: finding a mentor, setting sights on a faculty position
  • Table Leaders: Mireia Guerau-de-Arellano, Ohio State Univ.; C. Henrique Serezani, Vanderbilt Univ.; Avery August, Cornell Univ.
Junior Faculty: preparing for promotion and tenure
  • Table Leaders: Margaret S. Bynoe, Cornell Univ.; Prosper Boyaka, Ohio State Univ.
Work-life balance, it’s real!
  • Table Leader: Claudia Jakubzick, Natl. Jewish Hlth.
Academia or Industry: how to decide (or switch sides)
  • Table Leaders: Homero Sepulveda, Thermo Fisher Scientific; Cherié Butts, Biogen; Jonathan A. Deane, GNF/Novartis; Louis Gonzalez, Shattuck Labs
Government Agency Careers:
  • Table Leaders: Jennifer Martinez, NIEHS, NIH; Marta Catalfamo, Georgetown Univ.
Non-Bench-Research Science Careers – e.g., entrepreneurship/research technology; non-profits/foundations; intellectual property/patent law
  • Table Leaders: Robert Balderas, BD Biosciences; James W. Lillard, Morehouse Sch. of Med. and JYANT Technologies; Thandi Onami, Gates Fndn.; Gregory P. Einhorn, Greer, Burns and Crain, Ltd.